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Gunkid 99 (Full Release!)

Fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter that will seriously challenge your skills and reflexes. · By Yongjustyong


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Gunkid 99 - v1.04
A small balancing patch. Changelog The ability 'Overkill' has been adjusted to prevent it from reaching a broken situation whereby players can gain health fas...
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Gunkid 99 - Shop Update
Hi all! With this update I've finally implemented a feature that has been on my mind for some time now. And that is: Selling Weapons you've bought back to the S...
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Gunkid 99 - FULL RELEASE!! (now also available on Steam)
Gunkid 99 has exited First-Access and is now officially released!! You'd also get a free Steam-key when you purchase Gunkid 99 on Itch. If you've previously...
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Gunkid 99 - Release date announcement!
Gunkid 99 is set for FULL RELEASE on March 13th , 2019!! Watch the new trailer below: Steam-keys are now available, though the game will not be playable on Stea...
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Gunkid 99 - small fix
Hi there! It just came to my attention that Gunkid 99 might be running slower on certain computers, particularly those on Windows 10. Without going into too muc...
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Gunkid 99: added Text
Added some text to clarify: - Weapon Loadout only affects EQUIPPED MODE. - Buying weapons from Shop will unlock them permanently . Meaning once they are bought...
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Gunkid 99 - Final World! Major update!
Let me start by wishing everyone a happy Lunar New year! Update v0.3.0 - Final world, World-5. After more than a year of development, we've finally arrived at...
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Gunkid 99: Enemies intro - part.4
Introducing the Enemies of World- 4 . World-4 is tech/robot themed and is by far the most difficult world as we're approaching the end-game. The Shield-bot...
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Feel free to write any feedback or suggestions here :) You can also contact me through these other channels below Discor...
started by Yongjustyong Oct 11, 2018
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Hi all! If you encounter any bugs while playing, please submit them here. Being more specific would be really helpful. T...
started by Yongjustyong Oct 09, 2018
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Can you manage to defeat the "GUN KID KING!" known as DAN? Check out more like this here!
started by 2for1 GAMERS Nov 07, 2018
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