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Gunkid 99 (First Access)

Fast-paced, 2D arena-shooter that will seriously challenge your skills and reflexes. · By Yongjustyong


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Gunkid 99: FIRST ACCESS release!!
Gunkid 99 is now available exclusively on for FIRST ACCESS ! What is First Access? It's functionally the same as E...
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Gunkid 99: Fixing the mouse issue
One of the most frequent feedback I've received was that it's very easy to unintentionally click outside of the game-window during play and disrupt the game. We...
Gunkid 99: Demo update and fixes!
Hi there, thank you to all who've played the demo. Some updates and bug fixes:- Fixed camera issue that occur on bigger stages for monitors with certain resolut...
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Gunkid 99: Weapons intro. part2
I’ve been hard at work making more (unusual) weapons! Some weapons are familiar projectile types with a twist whereas others are more…interesting. Hopefully...
Gunkid 99 (previously 99999): name change and updates
99999 is now renamed as Gunkid 99 Why the name change? Well, I'm sure a fair number of you have thought that 99999 was a bad idea for a name. And you'd be right...
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99999: enemies intro - part 3
Introducing the Enemies in World-3. World-3 is horror/halloween themed and is reflected in the enemies’ design. The enemies have also gotten more difficult...
99999: Demo update!
Hi all! The demo has received a major update! you can also find it on Steam . Changes: Hit Sprites Amid the chaos, it can sometimes be hard to tell when you ge...
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99999: Controls rebinding
Hi all! Following the previous demo update, controls rebinding is now possible for both Mouse+keyboard and Controller setup. Now you can change the controls to...
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