Gunkid 99: Enemies intro - part.4


Introducing the Enemies of World-4.
World-4 is tech/robot themed and is by far the most difficult world as we're approaching the end-game.


The Shield-bot is fairly simplistic, it goes back and forth along its path, similar to the slimes of World-1. However, the addition of a sturdy shield makes attacking it straight-on rather time-consuming. This rewards a more active play-style because the bot itself is fairly weak if you can take it out by avoiding its shield. Also notice that the shield momentarily disappears when it touches a wall, leaving it completely vulnerable for a short time frame.


The Heli-bot looks pretty harmless at first glance, flying towards the player at a rather slow pace. But with each hit the Heli-bot takes, it gets faster (and angrier). At its fastest (1hp or less remaining) the bot is faster than even the player, this gif above couldn't really show its real speed because all the turning slows it down (in terms of movement the player is still the most dynamic). The real threat of the Heli-bot is that once you attack it you probably should make sure it gets destroyed or it'll come back to bite. The bot also has one of the highest health at 5hp. This means a weapon like the Mini-Cannon, which usually destroys most enemies in one hit, would leave the Heli-bot at 1hp (fastest state) after a hit.


Bird-bot, the only projectile-type enemy in World 4. Similar to the Lava-bat of World 2, the bird flies about in a random direction but quickly switches to attacking mode whenever it spots the player. The projectiles are also much bigger and faster than the Lava-bat's. As always, projectile-type enemies are usually priority targets as just a few of them can quickly overwhelm the player.


The Electro-crawlers are speedy wall climbers. They are especially dangerous in tight quarters and their ability to stick to walls can make the simple act of traversing a stage surprisingly tricky. They also fall straight down after a single hit so be careful not to attack when they are directly overhead!

That's all for the enemies of World-4.  Stay tuned for more updates next year!

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What engine is this made in.

It looks sick!

Thanks! I made this using Gamemaker studio 1.4

I make Games through GMS2 :D

I probably should upgrade too. After this game perhaps, I didn't want to switch engines mid-production.

GMS2 is great but it costs a ton!