Gunkid 99 - Major update! World 4 is here!

Update v0.2.0 - World 4 is here!


World 4 is robot/tech themed. Expect a much higher difficulty, even the environment is out to get you! Some stages can be rather tricky(but fun!) to navigate, like the bouncing pad below:


Make use of the pad to overcome the height and traverse the stage quicker. Your survival might depend on it. Even the enemies of World 4 have a few tricks up their sleeves.


The happy flying-bot looks deceptively slow at first glance, but with each hit it takes, it becomes faster (and angrier). You can't really tell from this gif but at its fastest the flying-bot is even faster than the player, making it the fastest enemy in the game.


The Shield-bot has a sturdy shield that makes it difficult to deal with head-on. However it is pretty weak if you can bypass its shield.

And of course, with a new World comes new weapons!


A big ass weapon that is both melee and long-ranged.


These bubble bullets may be weak, but they can linger around the stage and act as traps for approaching enemies. Set them up properly and they can easily overwhelm any enemy.

And many more weapons I shall leave to you to discover yourself ;)

Gunkid 99 is currently on a 15% discount, after this discount period is over (19th Dec) the game will slightly increase its price from $4.99 to $5.99. As always, feedback will be greatly appreciated! You can reach me here or on Discord.

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Dec 13, 2018

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