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Sigil of the Magi combines roguelike deck-building with turn-based tactics combat for a deep tactical experience with countless possible builds and strategies.


You control a party of three champions and traverse through procedurally generated maps, encountering battles and events along the way. Every encounter offers an opportunity to build up your deck of cards - which are essentially skills unique to each champion. Draft and assemble a finely-honed deck in order to make it all the way to the end.

Every champion has their own unique pool of cards and can only play a card that is theirs. By working together a party can pull off powerful combos that would not have been possible to achieve with just one champion.

Feel free to share any feedback you have here. But the fastest way to get to me would be though DISCORD.

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Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Strategy
Tags2D, Deck Building, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Singleplayer, Tactical, Turn-based, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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I would love a tutorial on how you did this, as we are just now in pre-prod for a cRPG deck builder.


this game is sooo good i really love it i am looking forward to its full version that i am absolutely sure it will be perfect the only problems i see with the game is the slow fights could there be some way to increase the speed and not need to pull the letter as far as you want and just click on it and then click on the desired target another little thing that bothers me is also the aesthetics of the reward screen looks like it was a mobile game I really thought it didn't match what the game is in fact another little thing and card upgrades usually in games when you are going to improve a card or receive an improved card is an Omg this card is really going to be very useful to me or this card will make a total difference in my build but in the game it just changes the damage value or some small thing is not really impactful the switch between healing and improving a card without even thinking better sleep now the good points really i loved the mechanics of game of 3 different characters and you have to form a good build for each of the 3 and have to position them in a way that benefits the team as a whole I also loved the pixel art of this game it was very cute I really loved it congratulations to those involved another point that I liked is the difficulty is not difficult to the point of being frustrating and not so easy to the point of being tedious anyway there are other points that I liked a lot too but it must be a pain to read all this so anyway great game totally worth it just goodbye

I like what I see, but I would like them to add something like a PvP mode in the future.

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Good game. I like the art style, the card stack and the fact that all character’s cards are in the same deck. It’s difficult, just as these kinds of games should be. Perhaps a bit too difficult at times; more on that later. I haven’t written a full review yet, but in the meantime, here are some suggestions for improvement:

  • I experienced that I had to click on End turn twice. At first, I thought it was because I had something selected, a card or a unit, but it happens regardless.
  • There are way too few healing opportunities in the game. There is of course the camp fire, and the wizard have some minor healing spells, but that’s about it (maybe there are healing trinkets, but I didn’t come across any in the three runs I did). Perhaps you should add healing potion cards for the other characters, or perhaps passive healing between maps, healing if you don’t play any cards one turn, etc.
  • I would have wanted the ability to undo moves. On more than one occasion, I misread the card and didn’t notice the red areas that indicates card effect range, so I moved, only to realise I was one tile too far to be able to use the ability.

When I have gotten around to write a proper review, I will come back with it and also give the game a rating. I’m looking forward to the release of the full game. You have a really nice foundation here.


I really like this game, good job!


I haven't started playing it yet but it looks super cool, it's the kind of game I was looking for!


love it <3

Thanks Daryl ;)


Wow this is so cool! I love a lot of the design decisions of this game, and the card track is especially cool. It's a really clever way of mitigating the luck and adding in some strategy while still making the game feel like a card game. I'm very eager to see where this project goes.

If I had to give a criticism, I'd say that the starting deck feels bland. You'll notice most other deckbuilders start you off with a couple of interesting cards right off the bat to keep the game interesting right from the start. The closest to that in this is the archer's 0 cost block card, but the other characters feel too generic at the start, and that's especially a problem given that you seem to get less cards in this than other games. I think it'd be cool to switch out a couple of the basic cards with more interesting cards, like putting a status condition or a push card in the base deck, for example.

I love the enemy design so far, too. The elites are super scary! And the boss is just stupid strong haha.

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I've been thinking about the starting deck too, and my rationale for a very vanilla deck is to incentivize players to pick up more cards either from rewards or the merchant. I'll keep an eye on it though, certainly could change in the future!

Fair enough. Yeah, since the battles are longer than most other deckbuilders you cycle through your deck more so 'thindecking' feels more enticing.  Raising the power level of non-starter cards could help with that, too. You'll notice in StS you don't see attack cards that deal 6 damage outside the starter pool, they're all inherently better by default to make adding cards more enticing.


Great demo! Deck building on top of a strategy rpg was a nice twist. Looking forward for the full version.

may I just say without playing the game that artstyle is just... *chef's kiss*

couple questions... 

1. what game engine?

2. how did you do this.

3. how can i do this movement system turn based system, fire emblem type rpg thing?

The game was pretty good, but for some reason I think there is something missing, the combat music don't really fit well but I think that's not it, also I kinda of found a bug in the ending, for some reason the damage reached -1 and I was giving a shield every time I attacked the boss, but I think the 0.10 patch might have fixed it, because this is the first release... I don't know why I always download games that I'm interested and after decades I play them xD

Here's more data for your game! This isn't a polished review like the one below. This is just me randomly picking a game maker game and trying it out without even knowing the genre of game. I had fun and I'll play again!

Hey thanks for trying it out even though it's not your type of game haha.

Sure thing. But I actually ended up going back to it. It's really a fun game!


Excellent! Although I only played one round (and beat the boss), I do have some thoughts. I really like the concept of just one hand for your entire party, every other game that does otherwise feels so clunky. I also enjoy how moving around is not a card effect and does not use energy. However the game takes a few too many concepts from StS, shaking it up a bit would make the whole experience feel fresh. Maybe have a different system for the map? More variety in the enemies would be nice as well, although it looks like you have more in the pictures than what I got. Additionally, adding ways to impact the grid would add to more variety while keeping on-theme and fun, I think. Perhaps hovering over an enemy unit could show its basic intents (how much damage, to who) over its head, for UX's sake. All in all, a very enjoyable alpha, I will be following developement! Godspeed.

Hey thanks for the feedback! Yea, there will definitely be more stuff added on (enemies variety, things to interact with that will affect the grid etc.) as I continue development.


This is looking to be a pretty cool game I really like the art style and sound design. It is very similar to Slay the Spire, but still manages to be unique and challenging in its own right. I made a little review video (bear with me it's my first time making a review video).

Looking forward to see where this game goes!
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Thanks for playing! Watched your video, good feedback, really appreciate it :)


Hi :D, I've made a video about the game and wanted to give some feedback about it, hopefully it's helpful tou you :)

-The visual style really stands out and works quite well with the concept and game mechanics of the game, that ends up making the game at it's current state feel pretty solid.

-The main mechanics are pretty easy to understand and to get into them making the "gameplay feel" quite good and fun.

-The combat system is very well thought and has a lot of posibilities and options and the fact that the enviroment of the fights can be different between combats is quite interesting.

-I think that during the recording I didn't find out any issue/bug/glitch so I guess that the game is quite polished :D.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


Hi! Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback, really appreciate it! :)

You are welcome :D

Deleted 194 days ago

Noted, thanks for the bug report!

I've been watching the development on twitter and finally I got to play a demo of it. The combination of deck-building and controlling your party members works well and really enjoy playing this game. It was a bit frustrating and punishing that when you have only one member alive and all of the cards on your turn aren't for your characters, so you end up without any cards. Also on the boss battle I ended up with all of my cards in the discard pile, but that was maybe due to my own poor choices. These kind of games usually need a lot of testing and balancing so it's great that you got a demo out. Early access would also work great! Good work!

Hey thanks for playing! Yeah, once you have a unit die it might be really difficult to overcome the odds, I'm still trying to find the balance there. What do you mean by ended up with all your cards in the discard pile though? Cards in discard pile will shuffle back into your draw-pile.

Sorry, I meant in the burned pile. :) 

Ah yes, I see. You have a relic that allows you to burn a card in exchange for drawing another card. The thing is you DON'T always have to burn a card, you can just not burn anything. I probably should communicate that better though.

I thought I had too. I'm a noob, my bad. 

Haha, I could have communicated that better for sure. Now I know what to improve on, so thank you :)


Really great demo! Definitely taking a lot of inspiration from Slay the Spire but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Keep up the great work! Would definitely buy a full version!

Yea, Slay the Spire is a huge inspiration, I wouldn't have made this game at all if not for STS. Thanks for playing!

Is the Demo for Windows?


Yes! The demo is for windows. Sry bout the lack of indication I forgot to tick the checkbox.


This game is really good. I get Slay The Spire vibes. The improvements I would make are the Font of the text and the same sprite size in the shop. This game is really good and I'm excited to see more!

Glad you like it, thanks for the feedback!